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Cannabis Facilities Design

Our mission is to create the right balance between new industry technologies, environmental controls and outstanding engineering protocols to maximize yields and plant quality over a 52 week period.

Grow your profits with GT

Cannabis Facility HVAC Design

GrowRoom Technologies provides specialized engineering and innovative technologies to support the rapidly expanding Cannabis growing industry.

GrowRoom Technologies (GT) supports Growers, Architects, Engineers and Developers with the very latest in HVAC equipment, CO2 systems, Lighting and environmental Controls to fully integrate all systems into one easy to use remote monitoring (set point adjustments) package for all facilities.

Grow facility environments require specialized equipment to properly maintain temperature and humidity.  For most HVAC applications this is done daily, worldwide without issue.  However, in the Northeast, grow rooms pose a particular condition which renders nearly all conventional HVAC equipment unable to perform cooling and dehumidification during the winter months.

Cannabis Grow Room Facilities Design

Cannabis Growing Design and Build Solutions

Indoor Cannabis Grow Facility Design